Executive Committee

Anthony Abdel Karim (President)

Anthony Abdel Karim is a Lebanese painter. He is the president and founder of the Lebanese Club of Visual Artists and author of the book “Qu' avons-nous fait de l' art?”.

He is mainly inspired by the classical and realistic movements using his own techniques to paint landscapes with a tormented character. His style is realistic with a little touch of surrealism and impressionism. Before adopting his actual style, he went through abstract expressionism and cubism periods.

Private exhibitions:
"Au Bord du Rêve ", under the patronage of H.E, Dr. Ghattas Khoury, 2017, Municipal Palace of Sin el Fil.
"Un Soupçon de Nature" under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the association IDRAAC, Municipal Palace of Sin El Fil, 2018.