Exhibition: From Inspiration to Creation

The Lebanese Club of Visual Artists (CAPL) organised its collective exhibition entitled " From Inspiration to Creation," on Wednesday, September 8 in the presence of the cultural attaché of the United States Embassy Mrs. Hermila Yifter, actor George Harran, actress Marwa Khalil and lebanese artist Patrick Khalil.

The exhibition showcased the work of various lebanese established artists in the famous Beit Beirut. The choice of Beit Beirut is related to its symbolic resilience during several wars and this is the main point of this event.

The opening was presented by journalist Bechara Maroun. Distribution of certificates to participating artists was held following Club President ' speech, Anthony Abdel Karim.

In parallel of all of this, there was a charity side related to this exhibition. Indeed, part of the profits was donated to families in need.

List of participating artists in alphabetical order:

Anthony Abdel Karim
Antoine Makhoul
Aya Maria nehme
Charles Kordahi
Charlotte Gebrayel Khoury
Daniel Abillama
Dzovig Kazazian
Edmond Habib
Dr. Habib Yaghi
Issa Halloum
Jessy Tabet
Lena Aydenian
Mitsa Assaf
Najla Hobeiche
Natali Meaiki
Nelly Fakhry
Rosanna Al Khatib
William Abdel Nour